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Wednesday 29 Dec 2010

10.00AM -11.30PM Concert Stage
Climate Change, Population: the Intimate Connection with Kelvin Thomson MP Dr. Paul Collins and Larissa Waters (Senator Elect) participating Chair Prof Ian Lowe

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Locally and globally a bigger population is coming, ready or not! Can we still create a better future or will it be steady as she sinks? This forum is a chance to go behind the headlines and consider the threats and opportunities ahead. With Kelvin Thomson MP and Larissa Waters (Senator Elect) Dr Paul Collins and participating chair Prof Ian Lowe.

T10 Time: Collective Action is Now! With Giselle Wilkinson

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Transition Decade Alliance's Giselle Wilkinson presents an interactive session, ‘Shared Plan to Restore A Safe Climate', enabling participants to contribute meaningfully, be strategically proactive, work together effectively delivering better results for ourselves, our families, our community, our workplace, our society and the world.


Thrashing the Murray-Darling Basin with Sandra Kanck

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Growing food for a growing population! Hon Sandra Kanck reasonably argues that Australia's population cannot grow without the water and food to support it! Draining water from four states and one territory through 23 rivers, the Murray-Darling Basin supports 40% of Australia's food production, but is being pushed beyond its limits with severe over-allocation of water for irrigation.

A Price on Carbon with Dr Donna Green, Liz Minchin, Larissa Waters Chair Nick Heath

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Sooner or later, emitting planet-warming greenhouse gases will no longer be free. Legislation imposing a price on burning fossil fuels is inevitable. Liz Minchin, Dr Donna Green and Larissa Waters (Senator Elect) discuss the options of a cap-and-trade system, or outright tax on fossil fuels. Chair Nick Heath.

Healing: An Alternative to Growth? With Professor Ivana Milojević, Dr Paul Collins, Professor Ian Lowe, Dr Patricia Kelly

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If 'Growthmania' won't help us survive the 21st century what else can we do? A panel of futurists including Dr Paul Collins, Professor Ivana Milojević,and Dr Patricia Kelly with Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe AO as participating chair discuss the challenges and alternatives for healthier futures.

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Buildings Plan with Patrick Hearps

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Is zero emissions housing possible? Beyond Zero Emissions is currently putting together the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan. Join Patrick Hearps for a sneak preview of this costed blueprint for transitioning all of Australia's residential and commercial buildings for maximum energy efficiency and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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