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Wednesday 30th Dec 09

10.00am Critical Economic Insights for Sustainability with Professor Andrew Wilford and Richard Sanders


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The obsolete 18th century ideas that shape our worldview and key institutions were once useful but now threaten human survival as they are completely disconnected from reality. A new economic paradigm grounded in biophysical reality is presented by ‘New Copernicans', Wilf and Richard.

Professor Andrew Wilford

Now an Associate Professor from Bond University's School of Sustainable Development Wilf was a senior manager at Boeing Australia and ran their F-111 program. This prior experience enabled him to deal with large scale complexity and engage with "Safe Climate Australia" and "Transition Town" movement.

Richard Sanders

Richard is an ecological economist, environmental scientist and futurist and the founder of Quest 2025. Trained as a transdisciplinary thinker, Richard has spent the past 20 years grappling with the problem of ecological sustainability and what it means for our society and economy.

11.00am PatternDynamics with Tim Winton


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Tim Winton will introduce you to a sustainability pattern language- learn nature's principles for enhancing collaboration in the transition to a post carbon future.

Tim Winton

Tim Winton, founder of the Permaforest Trust, is a sustainability educator and consultant who regularly speaks and writes about issues ranging from peak oil and climate change to permaculture, PatternDynamics and Integral Sustainability.

12.00 Architecture's Role in Sustaining Community with Steph Zannakis


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Architecture and lifestyle are inextricably linked. How might we collectively re-evaluate the fundamentals of our culture and the artefacts that perpetuate it? Come on a journey from detail through to the macro of a ‘deep green' architecture designed to sustain communities focused on equitably localising life essentials.

Steph Zannakis

Healing self/societal and human/nature relationships is central to Steph's journey, in particular his practice of architecture. An ethical practice of being in the world of climate change, peak oil, resource consumption and a meaningful collaborative sustaining lifestyle is the path Steph is seeking to walk.

1.00pm Has human society reached its limits? with Professor Ian Lowe


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Professor Lowe explores the problems of climate change, peak oil and the global financial crisis - have we ‘hit the wall' or can we overcome complacency, greed and lack of political will?

Professor Ian Lowe

Pre-eminent scientist and environmentalist Professor Ian Lowe AO, is President of Australian Conservation Foundation. He is recipient of many awards and has authored many publications. Recently an expanded and revised edition of one of his books A Big Fix has been published.

2.00pm Good is the New Bad with Professor Clive Hamilton


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The liberation movements of the 60s and 70s blew away most oppressive taboos and prohibitions. At what cost, especially for young people? In a highly sexualised society in which erotic imagery and sex talk are to be found everywhere, has the market moulded "sexual freedom" to its own ends so that it has become a new form of oppression?

Clive Hamilton

After many years at The Australia Institute, Clive is now professor of public ethics, based at the ANU. His books include Growth Fetish, Affluenza (with Richard Denniss) and The Freedom Paradox: Towards a post-secular ethics. His forthcoming book on climate change -- Requiem for a Species is due out 1st March.

3:00pm Green Inspiration: Gen X and Y with Nadja Kunz, Gabe Anderson, Anna Keenan (YouTube from Copenhagen), Penelope Ward, Hugh Duffie, and Rebel Star and Host Ian Mackay


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Are they really the generations addicted to instant gratification? Have their voices for the environment been consumed by digital social-networking? Honest and open communication, targeted mentoring and non-authoritarian interactions bring out the best in these young environmentalists. Be inspired by their stories.

Gabe Anderson

Gabe parents took him to forest blockades in a backpack: studied Resource and Environmental Management at ANU, joined OzGREEN and worked across Australia. Now based in Newcastle Gabe is OzGREEN facilitator for a biodiversity corridor project - Snowy Mountains to Atherton Tablelands.

Hugh Duffie

Hugh leads the Environment Club at Toowoomba Grammar School. In July Hugh attended ‘Power Shift', the Australian Youth Climate Coalition's first national youth climate summit in Sydney. In September he was awarded - Keep Australia Beautiful QLD's "Green and Healthy Schools - Young Legend" Award.

Ian Mackay

Debater, poet, keen conservationist and friend of lungfish. A witty wordsmith whether it be debating or rhyming verse.

Nadja Kunz

Nadja is a member of the Queensland Youth Environment Council and a PhD scholar at the Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry. She previously worked as an engineer, and last year volunteered at an indigenous school in Central Australia.

Penelope Ward

Penelope is an environmental activist and Law/Media student .She believes in devoting her skills and energy to conquering the environmental and humanitarian crisis of climate change. She recently attended the COP15 Negotiations, and continues to campaign on behalf of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Rebel Star

Rebel Star was the face of school students for the 2009 World Environment Day Festival held at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She is an active member of her school's Environment Portfolio and sends her message through song.

4.00pm Litigating for Old Lungy with Jo Bragg and Roger Currie and Save the Mary Revisited with Ian Mackay, Glenda Pickersgill and Steve Burgess


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From covert surveillance, to fronting the Federal Court, cheeky community litigants are taking on Burnett Water over its high and dry lungfish ladder at Paradise Dam. Jo and Roger explore how key strategic decisions were made and the people who made the difference. This session includes an Audio/visual ‘Retrospective of Mary River Campaign' and more.

Roger Currie

Roger Currie is a Land for Wildlife Blocky who runs a biodiversity and GIS consultancy in the Fraser Coast. He is also Vice President and Water Policy Officer at the Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council.

Jo Bragg

Jo Bragg is an experienced public interest environmental lawyer at Environmental Defenders Office. She has worked on environmental test case litigation and has successfully advocated for increased community enforcement rights in Queensland legislation.

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