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Sunday 27th Dec 09

10.00am - Breaking Queensland's Coal Dependence with Friends of the Earth

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The world is looking to reduce greenhouse gases, but the Queensland government is expanding coal production. Dependence on the coal industry is the major impediment to genuine action on climate change. Discuss strategies for community action to address climate change and phase out coal.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth-Brisbane Co-op is a community based social change cooperative working on local, regional, national and international issues. We are working towards the creation of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society through community action. Current campaigns include Coal, Climate Justice and Nuclear.

11:00 am - Seeding Self-Reliant Communities with Russell Austerberry and Steph Zannakis

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A madcap east coast tour of eco-villages, cohousing and intentional communities. At the heart of Russell and Steph's findings is the formation of a culture of collective self-reliance, transforming lifestyles and built environment, in the shadow of peak oil and climate change.

Russell Austerberry

Russell integrates experiences in ways in which to lead to personal peace as well as community health. Driving a council bus provides a base from which to advocate sustainable communities, become involved in Transition Town work, and foster the uptake of electric car conversions.

Steph Zannakis

Healing self/societal and human/nature relationships is central to Steph's journey, in particular his practice of architecture. An ethical practice of being in the world of climate change, peak oil, resource consumption and a meaningful collaborative sustaining lifestyle is the path Steph is seeking to walk.

12.00noon Green Social Business with Dr. David Wyatt and Robert Pekin


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Based on the work of Prof Yunis and the Grameen Bank Dr. David Wyatt and Robert Pekin explore a radical reinvention of capitalism in the form of Green Social Business. Various transitional forms will be discussed including Papyrus Australia and others.

Dr David Wyatt

Chairman of ASX-listed banana veneer company, Papyrus Australia Ltd and Adjunct Professor at UQ Business School, David bridges the world's of social and environmental enterprise and activism.

Robert Pekin

Robert is founder and CEO of Food Connect (putting the culture back into Agriculture). A former organic dairy farmer, market gardener and agriculture advisor he has developed Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs (CSAs) across Australia - Food Connect being the largest of these.

1.00pm   Himalayan Homes with Kenny Walpole


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A volunteer in international development, Kenny Walpole will share stories of working in remote mountainous regions of Nepal. Stories of hope and triumph for both people and their environment.

Kenny Walpole

Kenny is an engineer who joined ‘Engineers Without Borders' to work in remote mountainous regions of Nepal. Kenny installed solar-powered lighting with the aim of relieving some of the extreme poverty in the province of Humla.

2.00pm The Coral Sea: A Marine Jewel with Imogen Zethoven


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To the east of the Great Barrier Reef lies a spectacular tropical marine jewel called the Coral Sea. Australians have the chance to protect the Coral Sea and turn it in to the world's largest fully protected marine reserve. Only we as Australians can.

Imogen Zethoven

Imogen Zethovan AO, formerly QCC and WWF is currently employed by the Pew Environment Group - Australia, of the Pew Charitable Trusts. She leads a campaign to establish the world's largest highly protected area to the east of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in the Coral Sea.

3.00pm  After Copenhagen - What did it mean? with Steve Campbell


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This Festival is ten days after the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in Copenhagen. Greenpeace Head of Campaigns Steve Campbell will have just returned and will include in this talk updates and analysis, what was achieved, what was not, what is still to be done and where to now?

Steve Campbell

Head of Campaigns and key spokesperson at Greenpeace Australia-Pacific Steve also holds an Honours degree in Law from Macquarie University. Before joining Greenpeace he was a researcher, writer and trainer, working on youth justice and policing issues. He has recently returned from United Nations Conference in Copenhagen.

4.00pm  The Big Spill with Gary Kane

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The Pacific Adventurer spilt 280 tonnes of toxic bunker oil off Moreton Island, prompting the Bay's biggest disaster cleanup at a cost of $25 million. Gary Kane tells behind-the-scenes stories from the EPA's oil spill trouble shooter.

Gary Kane

Gary is a specialist emergency coordinator at the Department of Environment and Resource Management (previously EPA). He springs in to action to handle oil spills, toxic leaks and explosions.


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