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Monday 28th Dec 09

10.00am The Conscious Cook with Giselle Wilkinson


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Author Giselle looks at food, not only from the point of health and taste, but also through the lens of the global sustainability movement. She also discusses the interconnections that link human health and wellbeing with that of the health of the planet.

Giselle Wilkinson

Giselle is President of the Sustainable Living Foundation which she co-founded in 1999, also a foundation member of Safe Climate Australia recently launched by Al Gore. Author The Conscious Cook, innovator of social change she is currently undertaking a doctorate focusing on collaborative strategies for rapidly mobilising whole communities.

11.00am - Sustainability-based Economics at Woodford! With Gary Burke


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Hear how the economy is now managing us. SBE acknowledges the limits of nature, facilitates quality not quantity, creativity not speculation, and encourages our work to enhance and enjoy life. A practical approach; a way-of-thinking for a celebratory way-of-being that's going on here now at Woodford.

Gary Burke

Gary, Rich'n'Famous Double Bass player; now finishing PhD at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, believes we can make a re-configured economic framework to help us decide what needs doing, how to do it well, and in what sequence.

12.00noon Farming Carbon to Save the Planet with Nick Heath and Dr. Allan Dale


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Governments worldwide are fiddling while the Planet slowly cooks. Observed climate change is worse than forecast, and emissions still growing. Solutions exist which harness carbon accumulation in trees and landscapes. By valuing landscape carbon we can reward landscape and soil restoration, avert extinctions and save the planet.

Dr Allan Dale

An Adjunct Professor at James Cook University, Allan worked with CSIRO and lead the State's natural resource management policy agenda. He now heads Terrain NRM focused on building a sound foundation for an ecosystem services economy for the Wet Tropics and northern Australia.

Nick Heath

An accountant, then political advisor Nick is now defending the planet with the World Wildlife Fund. Recently WWF has successfully convinced Federal and State Governments to invest $375m to cut farm pollution of the Great Barrier Reef by 50%, and to further reform land clearing laws.

1.00pm-2.30pm -The Poet, the Professor the Politician with Prof Ian Lowe, Mark O'Connor and Mayor Bob Abbot. Host Simon Baltais


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Bringing soul, science and politics together to discuss the biggest issue facing us today, our population. It drives many of the challenges we face today. Just how do we achieve an ecologically sustainable population in a socially acceptable way?

Simon Baltais

An active environmental campaigner, Simon holds positions on Queensland Conservation Council, Vice President of SEQ Sustainable Population Australia, Ambassador for LifeLine and more. Son of a migrant and father of one child, his broad experiences make him ideal to discuss population issues."

Professor Ian Lowe

Pre-eminent scientist and environmentalist Professor Ian Lowe AO, is President of Australian Conservation Foundation. He is recipient of many awards and has authored many publications. Recently an expanded and revised edition of one of his books A Big Fix has been published.

Mark O'Connor

Mark is a well known environmental poet and activist. Mark's latest book is Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population.

Bob Abbot

The Sunshine Coast's larger than life Mayor, Bob Abbot, has been in local government for 27 years. Bob's ultimate goal is for the Sunshine Coast to become Australia's most sustainable region. He is also passionate about protecting its unique and diverse character as a community of communities.

2.30pm Growing crises; growing opportunities! with Graeme Taylor


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Author of Evolution's Edge Graeme Taylor says, emerging systems-based views and technologies have the potential to create a peaceful and sustainable planetary civilization. We can and must support this evolutionary process: the survival of our species is at stake.

Graeme Taylor

Author of ‘Evolution's Edge: The Coming Collapse and Transformation of Our World', which won the Independent Publisher's 2009 Gold Medal for the book "most likely to save the planet" Graeme is also the coordinator of BEST Futures a project using evolutionary systems theory to model societal change, analyse global problems and develop viable solutions.

3.30pm The Natural Edge - on new Climate Change Solutions with Dr. Mike H Smith

Michael Smith and the team of The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) have worked on a wide range of projects and publications which show how Australia and the world can achieve large cuts to greenhouse gas emissions rapidly. His talk overviews the latest solutions, strategies and innovations.

Dr. Michael H Smith

Michael Smith is Research Director of The Natural Edge Project, a solutions-orientated Sustainability Think Tank based at Griffith University and ANU. Michael and his TNEP colleagues have developed a wide range of climate change and sustainability books, manuals and online training packages.

4.30 The Big Woodford Flush with Ben Kele


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An overview of the commissioning and first operation of the Woodford waste water treatment and water recycling system with Ben Kele. Be there to be part of the plant inspection for the following day.

Ben Kele

Ben Kele is a water scientist with Midell Water and CQ University. Midell Water has designed, built, and is operating the wastewater treatment and water recycling system used at the Woodfordia site. Ben will be discussing the Woodfordia wastewater treatment facility.

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