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Saturday 27th December 2008

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10.00am - Non Violent Action and Creating Change

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Robin, Treena and Kim have been involved in direct actions over 30 years: Jabiluka blockade, Narangba anti-nuclear camp, Peace Convergence, animal rights actions, Reclaim the Streets, and more. Join them for a colourful and insightful look at the pros and cons of direct action as a tool for social change.
Friends of the Earth

11.00am - Food Security – grow your own!

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Don’t wait until our planet is in crisis … help yourself (grow your own food … organic, healthy, cheap and easy) and our planet (no poisons, pollution, transport and … lock up carbon in healthy soil) and gain food security.
Liz Hanson

12.00 noon - Sustainable Transport: Here and Now (1)

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Electric cars, the hydrogen economy, Light Rapid Transit: these may be the future of sustainable transport, but what about the here and now?Join Alton Twine, Emma-Kate Rose and John Pittendreigh in a Show and Tell session to inspire you to make sustainable transport a part of your current life.
Alton Twine, Emma-Kate Rose and John Pittendreigh

1.00pm - The Great Alternative Energy Scam

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An overview of the energy mix available: some sustainable and some non-sustainable energy technologies – presented by Dr. Patrick Glynn, a project leader at CSIRO – 35 years experience in electrical/electronic process engineering research, including 16 years in R and D of advanced thermodynamic alternative energy, Stirling and Brayton cycle systems.
Dr. Patrick Glynn

2.00pm - Safe Sewage
Sydney inventor Tony Dickson and Brisbane Engineer Danny Raymond discuss a world first new technology that will revolutionise sewage treatment; the first plant of which is destined for our Woodford site.
Danny Raymond and Tony Dickson

3.00pm - Bellis - A Brisbane Sustainable House and Garden

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Join Jeff Poole as he expounds the new suburban virtues of living on top of your own excrement - and then growing vegetables with it. Bellis generates power, harvests rainwater, recycles waste and grows 80% of its own fresh produce. All on 810m2. Interested in taking control?
Jeff Poole

4.00pm - Today's children need nature!

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Are we putting our children at risk of Nature Deficit Disorder? Why today, more than ever before, do children need the 'wild' for healthy physical and mental development. Ideas to help heal the broken relationship with their natural world.
Ian Cleary

5.00pm - Earth, Spirit, Action

This film and discussion, ‘Earth Spirit Action’ features Ruth Rosenhek, John Seed, Matthew Fox and others speaking on Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion on the change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. A beautiful collage of nature footage and global action shots. A Q&A session will follow.
Ruth Rosenhek and Neil Pike

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