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Monday 29th December 2008

9.00am - No Dig Gardening
Learn how to achieve an instant garden, in any space, simply by replicating nature. This workshop will create a garden on the spot, and provide you with the strategies to use next week at home. Save your back, your carbon footprint and your veggie bill!
Northey Street City Farm

10.00am - Concert Stage - Changing Climate: Changing Action
The IPCC is unequivicol: human activity is causing climate change! Scientists, governments and environment groups agree we must avoid dangerous climate change The next decade is crucial! Our panel Prof Ian Lowe, Philip Sutton Tim Hollo and Dr. John Cole discuss what actions are required to ‘halt the heat’ and ‘create the cooling’! Host Sandy McCutcheon
Prof Ian Lowe, Philip Sutton, Dr. John Cole, Tim Hollo and host Sandy McCutcheon
90 minutes

12.00noon - Responding to the Planetary Emergency (2)

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Join Richard Sanders, Monica Richter and Tim Hollo in the second workshop in this series: ‘Catalysing a Global People’s Movement’ around coalescence of ideas and of people aligned in common cause; with a brief section on ‘Planetary Emergency’ and ‘Vision of Hope’.
Richard Sanders, Monica Richter, Tim Hollo

1.00pm - Tim Winton - PatternDynamics: Evolving Collaboration

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Sustainability in the age of transition requires a new way of collaborating based on evolutionary systems-thinking. PatternDynamics is an accessible systems pattern language that everyone can use to create new levels of organization for facilitating transition to a sustainable world.
Tim Winton

2.00pm - Breaking Down or Breaking Through?

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Andrew McNamara MP, Ed Coper, Dr. Lyn Carson and Adam Blakester join Kenneth McLeod in a studio discussion – Can we break through social, political and cultural inertia and make the transformation needed to avert systemic breakdown?
Ed Coper, Dr. Lyn Carson, Adam Blakester and Andrew McNamara MP

3.00pm - Climate Code Red – the case for emergency action

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Climate Code Red, by David Spratt and Philip Sutton is a meticulously documented call-to-action. It reveals evidence that we are almost on the point of no return but proposes a realistic framework for fully tackling the emergency. Philip discusses the limitations of 'politics as usual' and 'business as usual' and shows why a clear break is needed from the politics of failure-inducing compromise.
Philip Sutton in conversation with Sandy McCutcheon

4.00pm - Don’t Murray the Mary

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In 2008 Steve paddled up the Brisbane River, dragged his kayak over the Conondale Ranges, paddled the length of the Mary River and returned via the ocean to Brisbane; all to highlight the folly of the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam. The trip was to highlight the scientific reasons and necessity to investigate alternatives to Traveston Crossing Dam. An audio-visual presentation.
Steve Posselt

5.00pm - Community Conservation in the Pacific Islands
In recent years, community-based conservation initiatives have emerged as a vital and vibrant response to pressing environmental challenges in the Pacific Islands. This presentation highlights success stories (with images) from around the region.
Pepe Clarke

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